Welcome To Siintech
Modern Internet technologies and communications have made businesses able to reach their customers in more effective ways. To be competitive in today’s business world, it is imperative that your website is aesthetically current, user-friendly, and accommodating to the newest technologies.

Your website is your company’s online presence. Your customers should be impressed by your site’s design and usability. This is one of the reasons users visit your website on a regular basis, thus providing a stable presence for your company’s online identity. A stable presence will ultimately give steady revenue to your company.

SIINTECH creates beautifully designed and dynamically-functional websites that become a successful web presence for our clients’ companies.

Welcome To Siintech
SIINTECH is one of the region’s fastest growing design/marketing companies. SIINTECH has developed extensive capabilities in bringing together business demands with website design and development solutions. SIINTECH’s experience in professional web design has led to an impressive track record of successful revenue-minded web growth. Constant communication and personalized attention are the cornerstones of our success.

Our professional staff has expertise ranging from website design and development, programming, and software engineering to database and system architecture design. We combine this knowledge with proactive thinking and strategic planning to approach new challenges with your overall business objectives in mind. Our team of talented and creative web professionals is ready to partner with you to deliver effective and useful interactive solutions.

SIINTECH management team brings together a wealth of experience in both technology and organizational development that is critical to help our customers achieve their goals and to ensure your website design project is planned and managed efficiently.
Welcome To Siintech
Web design involves the marriage of art and technology and may require the work of several artists, programmers, and editors using a variety of software programs and equipment.

Building a website is comparable to building a custom-made house; we don’t use “cookie cutter” templates or off-the-shelf products. We design each site specifically for each client, using a variety of special features and we work from a different blueprint every time. With that amount of individuality, it follows that the cost of each site will vary. However, each client receives an up-front estimate of fees before any work begins.

In most every industry, effective marketing plays a vital role in the success in sales, and business on the Internet is no exception!

Once your site is up and live, we can provide the marketing support necessary to create awareness and generate traffic. Along with the traditional means of marketing, e-marketing efforts such as; search engine submissions, banner advertising, and web trends reporting, will help drive viewers to your site, and provide you information to monitor your success!
Welcome To Siintech
SIINTECH is currently looking to fill certain full-time, in-house positions. As we expand our company, we are looking for innovative design and technology people to help maintain our reputations and strengthen our talented team.

We are looking for ambitious, passionate and talented people to join our expanding teams. While your skills and experience are extremely important factors, we will also be looking specifically for personal suitability and attitude.

Your role in the company is not only to fill a purpose and do what you are best at, but also to be a part of our company entity.

Please feel free to send your resume as well as online links or attached samples of the work you are most proud of, so that we may give you every consideration. We welcome all interested individuals who can work in the United States.

We believe it’s important to have an eye for good design that works. You know what works and what won't; but at the same time you are not afraid to push the limits and break new ground. You are able to pre-visualize any concept and turn it into a visual reality, and you must also know how your design can act from a motion/interactive perspective.

Designing graphical user interfaces, functions and applications, including layout, fonts and integrating graphics and text, will be a part of your daily work. Like the rest of us you are creative, independent and used to working on projects with deadlines.

Do you prefer quality to quantity? We prefer eligible candidates to be:
  • Extremely knowledgeable with their software packages
  • Quality focused in every detail
  • Precise & Professional
  • Able to turn a concept into visual reality
  • Passionate about design
CONTACT: [email protected]

If your strengths lie within the usability and interactive approach in mind, and you possess a solid background in multimedia design, we welcome those who are very knowledgeable with respect to Internet related technologies. If you have any design/development awards to your credit, we would love to hear from you!

Creating new-media & Flash® elements, websites, banners, interactive interfaces and multimedia applications require a specific type of designer with strength in bringing otherwise static graphics to life with usability in mind. Like the rest of us you are creative, independent and used to working on projects with deadlines.

We prefer eligible Flash® & Web Designers to have:
  • Extremely knowledgeable with their software packages
  • Talent for creating a unique immersive interactive experience & knowing how to approach the task intelligently and efficiently
  • At least an intermediate understanding of Flash Action Script
  • Talent for identifying problems, or complications and discovering solutions
  • A genuine excitement for pushing limits of existing technologies
CONTACT: [email protected]

You will implement graphical user interfaces. Your role involves working with front-end designers and back-end developers. You will be a vital resource in putting together all elements of an application. As a person you are quick, accurate and can offer intelligent solutions, a problem solver with good communication skills and expert knowledge of Flash®, programming and web projects. You have a great feel for design, animation and usability. We want you to be:
  • Extremely knowledgeable with Adobe Flash® 7&8
  • Able to comfortably make your way around Photoshop®
  • Passionate about the Internet
  • Quality focused in every detail
  • An intelligent Problem Solver
CONTACT: [email protected]

You have a broad understanding of different programming and Internet techniques but your focus lies in new applications, which you like to devise and develop. You will be working mainly with development and implementation of new and existing applications. You will also do quite a bit of programming and error search in existing code. You are a part of a team but also work independently and take responsibility for your work being top quality, up-to-date, orderly and accurate.

Your assets to our company include:
  • Fluency in many scripting languages and a solid understanding of current Internet technologies
  • Scripting PHP, MySQL, JS, VB Script
  • Database (MySQL is merited)
We want you to be:
  • Full of intelligent and problem solving ideas
  • Able to work independently and cohesively
CONTACT: [email protected]
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